Historically and musically developed so that is really great and multifaceted Yugoslavian composer Boris Kovač was the real sound of the mirror of the tragic events in the country in the ’90s. Ethnic strife, bombings, death, violence, and eventually decay, all accurately reflected in the music track that left Kovac.

By education, Boris Kovac – musical autodidact. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in fact, but devoted his life to the philosophy of music. This experience greatly, by the way, affected the creativity Kovac as a whole. He does not see himself as an ordinary composer or a musician – he was first and foremost a philosopher who chose their means of expression is not a pen and paper, and the notes and musical instruments. This, incidentally, is another of its distinguishing feature – it combines the composer and performer, leveling the border, carried out between a single writer and musician.

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