CD Damari, You… Within And Out Of Time
Released: 2001.
Produced by KACHARA in 1999.
Distributed by ReR MEGACORP. UK

Performed by Ritual Nova Ensemble:
Florijan Balaž – violin
Bogdan Ranković – clarinet, bass clarinet
Vanja Češnjevar – piano
Miloš Matić – double bass
Boris Kovač – alto, sloprano sax

1 I Damari
2 II Damari
3 III Damari
4 IV Damari
5 V Damari
6 Tango Apocalypso (I Version)



The pair I-YOU is an essential word. Another essential word is the I-IT pair. The essential word I-YOU can be told only with the whole of the being. The essential word I-IT can never be told with the whole of the being. Man becomes I only in touch with YOU.
The relationship with YOU is immediate. Between I and YOU there is no purpose. Spirit is not situated within I, but in between I and YOU. Man lives in his spirit when he is capable of responding to his YOU.

The man who cannot pronounce the essential word is unhappy, but the one who addresses you with a notion or a slogan as if it was your name is miserable. Feelings are what you have, whereas love is what happens. Feelings reside in man, whereas man resides in his love .
Love is between I and YOU.

The sublime melancholy of your destiny lies in the fact that every YOU in our world has to become IT.

Martin Buber, I and YOU