East Off Europe

CD East Off Europe
Published by Les Disques VICTO, Canada, 1998.
for the Ritual Nova Ensemble / in 3 parts: Visible Side, Invisible Side, Finale

Performed by Ritual Nova Ensemble:
Nenad Vrbaški – violin
Bogdan Ranković – clarinet / bass clarinet
Ivica Marušević – double bass
Saša Svijić – piano
Jaroslava Benka – soprano
Boris Kovač – soprano & alto sax, gran cassa

1 Visible Side 1
2 Visible Side 3
3 Visible Side 3
4 Invisible Side 1
5 Invisible Side 2
6 Finale



This music came as the top point of my life and artistic paradox.

Boris Kovac’s second album for the Canadian label Disques Victo, East Off Europe: Closing the Circle ranks among the best musical achievements of his career… The contrasts between quiet and powerful, pastoral and dark are enhanced by a wonderful comprehension of dynamics…Moreover it is crucial to understand that Kovac’s music does not belong to classical music, rock music, or even instrumental music, nor does it fit into a particular time period. Beautifully timeless and moving, East Off Europe: Closing the Circle can be a revelation to any open-minded music lover.

François Couture, All Music
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