Play on String

CD Play on String (string quartet), More Music, Italy, 1996.
Produced by En Knap dance company
Performed by Enzo Fabiani string quartet

Cello – Pavle Rakar
Featuring – Enzo Fabiani Quartet
Viola – Sonja Vuković
Violin – Lidija Grkman, Marko Kodelja

1 Quasi Tango
2 Polymetre Dance
3 Quasi Waltz
4 Sacred Mechanic
5 Quasi Salsa
6 Adagio
7 Quasi Begin



An effort to freeze the flight. A dance over an abyss. With a tender thought. Wind is quite strong up there…


Play on String: Music for the Last Dinner was the first album by Boris Kovac not to feature him as a performer… All the lyricism of Kovac’s soul, stemming from his life away from home as his beloved Novi Sad was being pummeled, is brilliantly put on display… His audacious harmonies and melodies of despair find a crystalline quality in the playing of the Enzo Fabiani Quartet.

François Couture, All Music

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