Profana liturgija, Fenomenology of the Soul

CD Published by ADN, Milano, 1991

Performed by Ritual Nova Ensemble:
Nenad Vrbaški – violin
Nebojša Pandurović – cello
Veljko Nikolić Nik – sampler/percussion/accordion
Bora Janić – drums
Boris Kovač –reeds/sampler/accordion

Introduction: Profound
Autumn Room: Delighted
1st Interlude: Pensive
Folk Prelude: Love Sick
Scherzo: Loosely, Trivial
2nd Interlude: Nostalgia
Sound Archaeology: Misteriously
Dervish Theme: Trance
Interludum Circulus: Sacral



Music is the last consolation between earth and sky. Deus sive natura. Petrol is more expensive today.
I live in a country called Yugoslavia and sometimes remember my father. Children are singing in the street… The neighbour is drunk…