Ritual Nova

LP Ritual Nova, Symposion rec., Yugoslavia, 1986.

Tape music performed by the author on reeds, folk instruments and sampler and the guests:
Nenad Vrbaški – violin
Jaroslava Benka – soprano
Katalin Ladik – vocal
Djordje Delibašić – drums

A1 Ambient: Witches And Vampires / Dream And Fear
A2 Dance: Joy In Manchuria
A3 Ritual: Transilvanian Wheel

B1 Ritual: Room Movement
B2 Dance: Ceremony
B3 Three Metaphysical Folk Themes



Myth is the inner, symbolic substance of Truth. Except for the cognitive,  Myth possesses the aesthetic, ethic and sacral dimension. It is the Truth made by man himself. As Kolakowsky says, myth creation is the only human power that succeeds  in vanquishing the indifference of the world. Music and Myth correspond to each other in several respects. The mythic time is universal: what happened once  is  valid forever.  Music as a temporal art par excellence also aspires toi  hold and to change the linear time sequence, that is to create its own time, inner and endless. BK (from the book Mirror of the Voice – poetical CV, find more at the Poetical CV )