On Eastern Way

CD Boris Kovac & David Yengibarian: On Eastern Way
Published by Interzone, Novi Sad and Narrator Records, Budapest 2012

Boris Kovač – soprano /alto sax & bass clarinet
David Yengibarian– accordion

  1. On Eastern Path (Boris Kovač)
  2. When it will happen… (David Yengibarian)
  3. The Morning (Boris Kovač)
  4. Pandoukt (David Yengibarian)
  5. Endless (David Yengibarian)
  6. Lyrical Monologue (David Yengibarian)
  7. The Noon (Boris Kovač)
  8. Hunvar 2006 (David Yengibarian)
  9. My Eastern Hearth (Boris Kovač)
  10. Murgham…Doina    (Boris Kovač and David Yengibarian)
  11.  Tango Memories    (Boris Kovač)


Some years ago, I met David, by accident, on the festival in Ulm, Germany. He has been playing a solo set and I liked his way of connecting the East European bitterness, almost wilderness, with the Mediterranean charm and lyricism. It was clear that a man from Eastern Europe is longing for the warmness and light of the Mediterranean. Even his music world was not so close to mine, but that connection, which I feel too, pushed me to approach him after the concert to congratulate him, something, which I seldom do. In the brief conversation appeared that he listened to some works of mine and liked them. That was the seed of our collaboration, which flourished a few years later, in October 2011, in my music studio in Bukovac, Serbia. This meeting generated an extraordinary CHEMISTRY. Everything went very quickly and intensively. I hope the audience will equally share the excitement of our collaboration.
Boris Kovač, Pannonia, January 2012

The sincerity of the playful moment

…Pannonian melancholy mixed with Armenian tradition, a deep utopia in Mediterranean joy, dwelling on  Eastern European emigrants’ experience -journeys that are undertaken rather as a necessity then by free will, which have an uncertain duration and represent an ongoing search (maybe only latently)  for what is left behind.
The journey throughout ever different motives of music, undertaken by this energetic duo, represents a game which leads into the ambient of  that what is inter-genre and above-possible, which moves  outside of the stone gates of  conventional, in the sphere of the trans-national and trans-traditional, without denying the difference between expressions and means of expressions.

The collaboration of Kovač and Yengibarian is the point where jazz, contemporary chamber and classical music and the artistic derivatives of the music of the Balkans and Armenia meet.

Improvisation is common to both these musicians: it is the language they share. Their freedom in playing music spontaneously is their way to overcome barriers set by music, geopolitics, tradition – their way to make these barriers soft, to provoke there passivity and to make them dance or play in the dynamics of variability, difference and in the form of freedom.

The virtuoso dialog of the two musicians, the sincerity of the moment they create and which lasts, makes this music project different, nonconventional, innovative – makes it mirror still unexplored possibilities.
This spontaneous journey, which started as an unplanned meeting, visits the utopia of memories, memories of what was left behind, and brings them to life again, in the freshness of the present moment, with the richness that they  acquired  as time went by.
From the CD booklet written by Juhász András & Bojan Krivokapić

The music is very atmospheric, bare and pure and has a huge impact. The two virtuosos drive each other to great heights and cover a large part of the world. The emotions evoked their music is truly indescribable. Breathless denotes more than an hour long confined to the speakers. An absolute world record. Boris Kovač is and remains a major pioneering hero of the outdoor category.
Jan Willem Broek in De Subjectivisten.nl
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VIDEOS Boris Kovac & David Yengibarian: Live in Sofia

  1. Murgham…Doina
    Boris Kovač & Gavid Yengibarian: Live in Sofia

  2. Tango Memories
    Boris Kovač & Gavid Yengibarian: Live in Sofia

  3. Hunvar 2006
    Boris Kovač & Gavid Yengibarian: Live in Sofia

  4. The Morning
    Boris Kovač & Gavid Yengibarian: Live in Sofia

  5. When it will happen…
    Boris Kovač & Gavid Yengibarian: Live in Sofia

Additional information


This CD was realized with the support of the Secretariat for Culture and Public Information of the Vojvodina Region.
Thanks to the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad for the space given to record this album. Thanks to Mr Milorad Djurić for the support and Mr Uglješa Belić for the hospitality.
Recorded in December 2011 at the Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. Mixed at the Kachara MM Studio, Bukovac.
Produced by Boris Kovač. Recorded by – Ljuba Pejić. Mixing and post-production by Boris Kovač. Mastered at The Pannonia Studio, Budapest
Executive Producer – Interzone – International Festival of Actual Music (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Management RING RING PROMOTIONS (www.ringring,rs)