Ballads at the End of Time

CD Ballads at the End of Time
La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica – Part Two

Published by PIRANHA, Berlin 2002
Produced by Boris Kovac & Mare Vukmanovic,

LaDaABa Orchest:
Boris Kovac, Boki – alto & soprano sax
Bogdan Rankovic, Bogi – clarinet, bass clarinet
Goran Penic, Gogi – accordion
Olah Vince, Vici – violine & acoustic guitars
Milos Matic, Miki – double bass
Istvan Cik, Picu – drums, percussion

1. Danza Transilvanica
2. Interlude
3. Dammar Of Istanbul
4. Early Morning Waltz
5. Beguin At The End…
6. Interlude At The Gang
7. Midnight Memories
8. Waltz From Careless Street
9. Cha Cha
10. Colour Of Remembrance
11. Broken Waltz
12. The Last Interlude:doina/in Bukovac
13. At The End Of Time
14. Birds


“La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica”
Ballads At The And Of The Time

Danza Transilvanica
Transilvania… a mist hangs over gently rolling ground, the odd lone dried-up tree, blades of light streaking across the horizon… the setting for the end of time: the performance may begin
… The scenery slowly reveals itself… at the top of the hilly proscenium a magnificently decorated cart appears
… on top of the cart stands an orchestra in white… to no visible cue, simultaneously… they start playing: the dance at the and of time…

… sounds from a farm, a music box, a gingerbread heart hanging from nightstand, given as a present who knows when and on who knows what accasion,,, The main theme, brought as an anticipation… gentle, crystal clear… The main theme as something unspeakable, is not to be talked about… in it you should listen for all others… Just imagine what would you do be like at the end of the time – that is just what you should put in this theme…

Damar of Istanbul
At the end of the time is where all the time is: from Transilvania, through the music box, to Istanbul… The Center of the world… the city of light and darkness, glory and doom, of the grandiose and intimate, the exalted and trivial… an ideal setting for the journey, directed like a fil – another perfect mise-en scene for the album theme… the music does not depict Istanbul, instead it follows my “damar” in it…
“Damar” are the hearbeat of light, spirit and the flash…
*DAMAR – Serbian word of Turkish origin meaning heart beat / pulls of soul

Early Morning Waltz
Early morning in the world at the end of the time… water at sunrise… a wake-up callplayed panpipes… the bnk of Danube… sandbanks: the wheel of waltz slowly gathers momentum…
At the heif=ght of the rapture elegant, smartly dressed couple from Viennese court appear along the bank and sandbanks and waltz as “The Blue Danube Waltz”… the image becomes more and more distant, like the view of a seagull leaving the Danube panorama … once it begins, a waltz has, in fact, no end…

Beguine at the End…
Ask for dance … the girl you wish to be with at the and… A balcony, starry sky, the ensemble plays a reminiscence on familiar theme … Innocently and lasciviously… pathos to which we consciously give ourselves… (Kitsch – what meaning does that any more?…)
Interlide at the “GANG”
After all, this is a moment to be home, whatever that means and wherever that is… At home … on the porch… the band and their dog howl at the moon…
*GANG – the porch (german word common in Vojvodina)

Midnight Memories
The “ground” has been prepared for the main theme… All alone… at midnight at the end of time… Memories well up… they are more palpable than reality… The love that has never been realisedis the greatest… it is timeless and thus it lives in a song…

Waltz from Careless street
Musicians, stop fucking around, play Milos’ waltz properly…

Cha Cha
Insane, erotic, bizzare… cha, cha, cha

Colour of Rememberance
Iti is best not to speak of this song… it is meant to be played. Softly, more softly, most loudly…

Broken Waltz
Slowly we take off, dancing the brokem waltz with the birds, and now that we have taken off – let us not look down under any circumstances…

The Last Interlude: Doina
If I had to decide on one and only song – this it would be it…

At the End of Time
Oh horses, you are my clouds… summer swims, grapes ripen, first kisses, a foor ajar, thirsty water, silence… (meditations by Miroslav Mandic)
The ensemble dresses in white plays something resembling Bach… on dancing terrace by the sea,,, dancers are no more. Brother musicians, let us finally play for our own pleasure, we have no longer any use for tips anyway…
from CD booklet

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Recorded and mixed at KACHARA Studio Bukovac
Novi Sad/YU,
Aug-Oct 2002 by Marinko Vukmanovic Mare
Produced by Boris Kovac & Mare Vukmanovic,
Postoroduced and mixed by
Mare Vukmanovic & Boris Kovac,
Mastering by Bane Micic
Texts written by Boris Kovac
Texts translated into English by
Kristof Bodric

Front cover by Steffen Blankenburg
Photos by Dejan Djuragic
(p. 3,4 and booklet back)
Photodesign inlay back by
Ljubomir Maksimov
Artwork by PEPERONI
Executive production by
Brigitte Bieg & Borkowsky Akbar
Made in Germany by: Pi’ra:nha