Eastern Moon Rising

CD Eastern Moon Rising
Published by World Music Network, London 2014
Produced by KACHARA MM, Bukovac, Pannonia 2010-2013.

Miloš Matić Miki – double bass  / www.facebook.com/milosmatix
Vukašin Mišković Vuki – acc. and el. guitars / vukasin_m@yahoo.com
Lav Kovač Laki – drums / www.lavkovac.com
Goran Penić Gogi – accordion, sampler  / www.facebook.com/penicgoran
Boris Kovač Boki  – soprano and alto sax, vocal  / www.boriskovac.net

01. Fly by…
02. Play Odd
03. Pearl
04. On Eastern Path
05. Caravan
06. Sinii Vals
07. My Eastern Heart
08. Pannonian Blues
09. To Entertain You (second version)
10. Kazan
11. Simple, simple… Life

Total playing time 56:11



This music comes from the land Pannonia, the Vojvodina Province, the northern part of the present-day Serbia. From the place right in between the Eastern and the Western World, Central Europe and Balkans and not far from the Mediterranean coast. Sophisticated, romantic, post – historic entertainment for open ears and free minds…

Eastern Moon Rising teases itself with the notion of wreckage and disintegration but the teasing has another aspect as well, the aspect of the child who doesn’t want to go to bed. The cabaret cynicism is playful and matter-of-fact, not fatal or even destructive. There’s no need for destructiveness, the end is going to hit us regardless, we’re almost gone and even the music is superannuated. “Well, ladies and gentlemen,” it says, “here we are again.”
Deanne Solle, Pop Matters 24.02.2014.
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…This original record gets under your skin and reveals its depth with each listen.
Alex Brown, RootsWorld
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Recorded in December 2010 and March 2013 at Kachara MM Studio,
Bukovac, Serbia, where the material was mixed and post-produced too.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Boris Kovač.
Mix assisted by Ljuba Pejić.
Mastered at the Athens Mastering Studio, Athens, Greece.
Produced by KACHARA MM, Bukovac, Pannonia 2010-2013.
Photography of La Campanella by Vanjus
La Campanella costumes designed by Romana Knežević